The Introduction of Good Governance Cards by the National Democratic Congress (NDC): A New Approach to Political Party Funding


In a move to secure sustainable funding for their party, the leadership of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has recently introduced a unique initiative known as Good Governance Cards. This innovative approach aims to address the long-standing challenge of financing political parties while promoting transparency and reducing corruption in the political landscape.

A Fresh Approach to Party Financing

The Good Governance Cards initiative was unveiled through a letter sent to all Regional Chairmen of the NDC, signed by the Director of Administration, Emmanuel Zumakpeh, on August 15, 2023. This approach marks a significant departure from the traditional methods of fundraising that political parties have relied on in the past.

The Two-Tiered Approach

Under this new system, the NDC has introduced two types of cards: the Standard Card and the Loyalty Card. These cards are designed to engage a wider segment of the population and encourage them to contribute financially to the party’s activities. The cards offer various features, including self-registration options through mobile money and bank payments, facilitated by a dedicated digital platform manager.

Upon successful payment, cardholders receive an instant softcopy of the card, while a hardcopy is printed and sent to them. The cards are categorized into different levels, ranging from Prestige and Platinum to Gold, Silver, Bronze, Standard, and Loyalty, providing options for supporters from various financial backgrounds to contribute at their desired level.

Inclusivity and Adaptation

The NDC’s decision to introduce the Good Governance Cards reflects a commitment to inclusivity and adaptability. Existing cardholders will be smoothly transitioned to the new system with appropriate modifications, ensuring a seamless experience for loyal supporters while attracting new ones.

Funding Challenges in Political Parties

The issue of political party financing has been a subject of debate for decades. Since the 1992 elections, numerous discussions and forums have centered on how to establish viable parties that can sustain multiparty democracy. One key aspect of this debate is the question of whether state funding for political parties is desirable and feasible.

The Need for Transparency and Democracy

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor, in a milestone address to political party leaders and stakeholders in 2003, endorsed the idea that political parties should receive partial or full funding through budgetary allocations. Despite this endorsement, questions persisted regarding the when, how, and how much aspects of state funding, along with concerns about public support for such measures.

Advocates and Opponents of Public Funding

Advocates of public funding for political parties cite several reasons for its implementation. They argue that it reduces inequality, minimizes corruption by promoting transparent financial practices, and curtails the undue influence of special interest groups. On the other hand, opponents raise concerns about the inappropriate use of public resources, potential complacency among parties, and the need to restrict money flow to combat corruption.

Former President John Mahama’s Perspective

Former President John Mahama, in a lecture delivered in early 2023, shared his perspective on political party financing. He emphasized the need for transparent and broad-based citizen participation in funding political campaigns. He also highlighted the potential of technology, specifically crowdfunding platforms, in democratizing the financing process.

The Role of Technology in Political Funding

Mahama acknowledged the role of technology, particularly fintech innovations and crowdfunding platforms, in transforming various sectors of the economy. By adopting a digitalized retail donation campaign, he aims to promote citizen involvement in political funding while adhering to regulatory policies set by the Bank of Ghana.

Conclusion and the Road Ahead

The introduction of the Good Governance Cards by the NDC represents a fresh approach to political party funding. This initiative seeks to engage a broader segment of society, reduce the influence of special interests, and promote transparent financial practices. As debates continue over the viability of public funding and the role of technology, it is evident that the landscape of political party financing is undergoing transformation. Whether this approach becomes a successful model for sustainable funding remains to be seen, but it underscores the importance of adapting to changing times while upholding democratic values.


Q1: What are Good Governance Cards?
A: Good Governance Cards are an innovative initiative introduced by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to raise sustainable funds for the party. These cards offer supporters various levels of engagement and benefits based on their financial contributions.

Q2: How do these cards work?
A: The cards offer self-registration options through mobile money and bank payments. Upon successful payment, cardholders receive an instant softcopy of the card, with a hardcopy sent later. Different levels of cards cater to various financial backgrounds.

Q3: Why is political party financing important?
A: Political parties require funding to operate effectively and carry out their activities. Sustainable financing helps parties remain independent, transparent, and less susceptible to undue influence.

Q4: What challenges does political party financing present?
A: Political party financing can lead to concerns about inequality, corruption, and special interest influence. Balancing the need for funds with maintaining democratic values is a key challenge.

Q5: How does technology influence political funding?
A: Technology, particularly fintech innovations and crowdfunding platforms, is reshaping political funding. It allows for broader citizen participation and greater transparency in the financing process.

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4 Comments on The Introduction of Good Governance Cards by the National Democratic Congress (NDC): A New Approach to Political Party Funding

    Apatu Raphael Delanyo
    August 17, 2023

    How do I get my card?

      August 17, 2023

      If you're interested in receiving your card, you can visit the head office.

    Apatu Raphael Delanyo
    August 17, 2023

    Which are is the card available for us to receive?

      August 17, 2023

      The availability area for receiving the card will be communicated to you soon. If you're interested in receiving your card, you can visit the head office.

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