Kennedy Agyapong: The Action-Backed Flagbearer Hopeful of NPP

Kennedy Agyapong

In the realm of Ghanaian politics, where words often fall short of actions, Kennedy Agyapong, the flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), stands out as a unique figure. Unlike many other politicians, Agyapong firmly believes in walking the talk. He is committed to turning promises into realities and ensuring that Ghanaians experience meaningful change if he is elected as the NPP’s flagbearer and subsequently becomes the president of Ghana.

A Different Approach to Politics

Agyapong’s distinctive approach to politics hinges on his firm belief in translating words into actions. He asserts that his record speaks for itself – when he speaks, he ensures his words are backed by concrete actions. This commitment to action is a cornerstone of his political identity and sets him apart from his peers.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

One of the key aspects of Agyapong’s campaign revolves around his promise to fulfill all commitments made to the Ghanaian people. He underlines that his tenure as a leader will be characterized by follow-through and accountability. Whether it’s economic reforms, social initiatives, or governance improvements, Agyapong pledges to stand by his promises.

Transforming Negatives into Positives

Agyapong’s resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities further accentuate his uniqueness. In a recent interview with Roland Walker on TV3, he stated, “I have always turned my negatives into positives.” This adaptability and positive outlook highlight his determination to overcome obstacles and drive progress.

NPP’s Super Delegates Conference

The NPP’s upcoming super delegates conference on August 26 is a crucial event for the party. The conference aims to narrow down the field of presidential aspirants from ten to five. Agyapong’s presence in this pivotal event underscores his dedication to the party and his commitment to the democratic process.

Clarifying Recent Statements

Agyapong clarifies that his recent comment about a ‘strategist’ was not directed at Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, as previously speculated. Instead, it was aimed at John Kumah, Deputy Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Ejisu. This clarification emphasizes Agyapong’s transparency and intent to address any misunderstandings promptly.

Concerns About Currency Management

Agyapong’s vocal critique of the government’s handling of the local currency showcases his commitment to economic stability. He highlights that between March and August of a single year, the value of his holdings dropped significantly due to the depreciation of the Cedi. Although Agyapong does not explicitly name Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, he indirectly raises concerns about the performance of the Cedi against major trading currencies.

Campaigning for Change

As part of his campaign tour, Agyapong visited Kintampo East on July 16, where he emphasized the need for a clean campaign. He pledges to respond to every claim made against him, showcasing his determination to maintain transparency and accountability throughout his campaign.


Kennedy Agyapong’s assertion that he is different from other politicians is rooted in his unwavering commitment to transforming rhetoric into meaningful action. His track record of turning negatives into positives, clarifying statements, and advocating for economic stability all contribute to his distinct political identity. As the NPP approaches its super delegates conference, Agyapong’s campaign continues to gain momentum, promising a fresh approach to leadership that resonates with the Ghanaian populace.

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