EC Determined on Use of Only Ghana Card for Registration; Says ‘No’ to Guarantor System

Jean Mensah - EC boss

In a move to bolster the integrity of Ghana’s voter register, the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC), Jean Adukwei Mensa, has emphatically stated that the use of the national identification card, commonly known as the Ghana Card, will be the exclusive means of proof for registration. This decision, she asserts, is rooted in the obsolescence of alternative methods.

The Evolution of Ghana’s Electoral System

Ghana’s Electoral System Evolution

Ghana’s electoral system has undergone significant transformations over the years, and Jean Mensa’s stance reflects the evolution of this process.

A Historical Perspective

Historical Overview of Voter Registration in Ghana

To understand the significance of this decision, let’s delve into the historical context. Thirty years ago, the guarantor system was introduced because there was a lack of reliable identification methods.

The Ghana Card Revolution

Emergence of the Ghana Card

Fast forward to today, Ghana boasts the Ghana Card, a robust national identification system. This card has become the cornerstone of the EC’s efforts to ensure the credibility of the voter register.

The Unwavering Commitment

The EC’s Unyielding Stance

Jean Mensa’s unwavering commitment to the exclusive use of the Ghana Card for registration is firmly rooted in her belief that this approach is the most effective way to maintain the integrity of Ghana’s electoral system.

Legal Backing

Legal Foundation of the EC’s Decision

The EC’s position finds solid ground in Legislative Instrument (LI) 2111, which articulates the importance of the Ghana Card in safeguarding the electoral process.

Addressing the Nation

‘Let The Citizen Know’ Series

On Thursday, August 17, Jean Mensa addressed the nation during the ‘Let The Citizen Know’ series in Accra. During this address, she not only reiterated the importance of the Ghana Card but also provided vital information regarding upcoming elections.

Key Dates

Announcing Election Dates

Among the announcements, she revealed that the district level and unit committee elections, along with this year’s continuous voter registration, will take place on Tuesday, December 19.

Eliminating the Guarantor System

The End of the Guarantor System

Jean Mensa made it clear that the proposed constitutional instrument (CI) currently before Parliament will mark the end of the guarantor system.


The Reason for Abolishing the Guarantor System

She explained that the guarantor system, while relevant in the past, no longer aligns with the Ghana Card era.

Opposition’s Stand

The NDC’s Resistance

It’s worth noting that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has staunchly opposed the abolition of the guarantor system, sparking heated debates and disagreements with the EC.


Implications of the Opposition’s Stand

The NDC’s resistance has led to delays in the debate surrounding the CI and strained the relationship between the party and the EC.

In conclusion, the EC’s decision to rely exclusively on the Ghana Card for voter registration is a bold step towards enhancing the integrity of Ghana’s electoral process. While it faces opposition and challenges, the EC, under the leadership of Jean Mensa, is determined to ensure that this transition is a success.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1: Why is the EC insisting on the exclusive use of the Ghana Card?
  • A1: The EC believes it’s the most reliable way to maintain the integrity of the voter register.
  1. Q2: What is LI 2111, and how does it relate to this decision?
  • A2: LI 2111 is a legislative instrument that supports the EC’s use of the Ghana Card for registration.
  1. Q3: When are the upcoming elections scheduled?
  • A3: The district level and unit committee elections will be held on Tuesday, December 19.
  1. Q4: Why is the NDC opposing the abolition of the guarantor system?
  • A4: The NDC believes the guarantor system should be retained and has expressed concerns about the CI.
  1. Q5: How has the NDC’s opposition affected the debate on the CI?
  • A5: The NDC’s opposition has caused delays in the CI debate and strained its relationship with the EC.

In this digital age, safeguarding the integrity of electoral processes is paramount. The EC’s commitment to modernize and enhance the reliability of voter registration through the exclusive use of the Ghana Card is a testament to its dedication to a fair and transparent electoral system.

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